It's a good day to be a kid, well, a violent kid.

Bully is a great game that comes to you from RockStar Vancouver. Although this game might seem a bit childish for some, it is actually pretty grusome. With all the swearing, insults, and even kissing fat chicks, this is a pretty dirty game to play. I found the free-roam in this hilarious, with all the different comments the kids would say to eachother. You don't even really have to play the game, just walk around and beat up people while listening to them and having a good time. It starts off kind of slow, and despite having to wear a uniform all the time, there is a large variety of clothes to buy. I was suprised that there was detention in it too, and when you get detention they make you mow the lawn. This may seem like a cheesy thing to say, but this game mowed the lawn of gaming for me. It has been awhile since I played such a fun game. For me it started to get sort of boring, and it even pissed me off even more at the point where after you get all the respect from every group of people, you lose it all and somehow have to gain it again.

My overall opinion of this game is that its just brilliant. It takes some people back to memory lane also, maybe not so violent though obviously. Hope you like the review.