The wait is over or is it?

User Rating: 8.9 | Gothic 3 PC
Well im a massive fan of the gothic franchise having played Gothic 1 and 2 as well as the expansion for Gothic 2. I waited with baited breath for gothic 3 wanting the gothic 2 cliffhangerish ending to be resolved. Any wayz i got that with the intro movie and some of the chit chit, i got into the game throwing the orcs out of Cape Dun and out of Andrea, Combat system is a vaste improvement and the difficulty setting was a welcome addition to the game. One thing that amazed me was the graphical quality of the game, compared to others on the market gothic 3 looks and feels more real. Yet my suspense and all that would have lasted longer had the game not been so buggy. It feels slightyly rushed and with bugs im slightly disapointed with the game, it has a feeling of a good game and even looks like one but the bugs on it make some elements hell. The soundtrack on the game is one of the best scores ive heard for a game since hitman and you feel like the music brings the world more to life and gives you that extra determination in the game. Now im over with the main elements of the game i will talk about the game play :D

The overall game play is good and it feels so more fluidic and easy than the other gothic games which caused me hours of stressing trying to get my charecter to do combo's. This time around some fast clicks and some well timed clicks can beat the crap out of an animal or even an NPC in seconds, (mwuahaha im a Scavenger killing god) Magic is really different compared to the last games to, this time around you have to almost buy the ability to do magic which is fun to get as you can go around setting beasts on fire and doing other countless acts of vandelism to the orcs. You can also align yourself with a god which can govern how you attack or defend in battle, either roast the beast, get a demon to roast it for you or turn yourself into a beast. In all the game play style feels more like it is World of warcrafted up, you can mine minerals now, have partys and even have a reputation with the various factions which allows you to learn from them later on. In all the sheer scale of the world and the replayabilty in the game allow you to have a unique experiance everytime you play which is good and makes the game adictive sometimes on the level of WoW. A good game for any RPG lovers, try it but wait till they release the patchs to get rid of the bugs :D