Simple comfortable to play.

User Rating: 6.5 | Gothic 3 PC
This is is not is not something special but its easy and fun to play. One thing that I really dont like is that it has pretty bad graphics and is heavily bugged. One thing that makes the game simple and maybe even abit stupid is that by cornering your enemy you can kill him no matter how much stronger he is than you. It is just a matter of time and attack rate and your enemy will be dead. Ofcourse its more difficult to have combat in an open field so your enemy can retreat. But if its a human/orc enemy you can still easily kill it. Beasts are obviously harder to battle than people ( or orcs).
But one thing that impresses in this game is the amount of decisions that you can make. The freedom of options is really well worked out. Thats propably the thing that makes the game so fun to play but otherwise its just another plain experience gaining RPG. And thinking in this game is not so important.