Gothic 3 Cheats For PC

  1. Helper to improve faction reputation and spawn items

    1. Type MARVIN very fast.
    Game will say "marvin mode activated"

    2. Press ` button to bring up the ingame console.

    3. Input command "spawn sh". Without the quotation marks.

    An ingame helper will appear. Talk to him and you are provided with options to increase faction reputation and spawn items. Also allows you to move forward in the main quests. All in the form of standard dialogue options.

    4. To turn of marvin mode, type MARVIN very fast again.
    Game will say "marvin mode deactivated"

    5. When you're done with the Helper, you can kill him to get rid of him.

    Contributed by: contactlouis 

  2. Various cheats

    Open the ge3.ini file in the Gothic3/Ini folder and change the following line in Notepad:




    You can then press [~] (tilde) while playing to bring up the console and type any of the following cheat codes.

    Code Effect
    God God Mode
    Invisibility Invisibility Mode
    Teach all Learn All Skills (lowers stats to 0)
    Kill Kills Targets
    Give Give Specified Item
    Spawn Spawn Specified Item/Creature
    give all all items gained
    idkfa Gives 100 of each item.
    fullhealth Gives the player full health.
    Give Cat_Armor All armor
    Give Cat_Weapon All weapons
    Give Cat_Artefact All artifacts
    Control Control character
    Watch Control camera
    Teach STR <number> Set Strength
    Teach DEX <number> Set Dexterity (hunting skill)
    Teach INT <number> Set Intelligence (ancient knowledge)
    Teach ALC <number> Set Alchemy level
    Teach SMT <number> Set Smith level
    Teach THF <number> Set Theif level
    Teach HP <number> Set health
    Teach MP <number> Set mana
    Teach SP <number> Set energy
    Teach LP <number> Add learning points
    give Cat_Alchemy # gives all Foods, Herbs and Potions
    give Cat_Misc # gives all Miscellaneous Item
    give Cat_Armor # gives all Armors
    give Cat_Weapon # gives all Weapons
    give Cat_Artefact # gives all Spellscoll, Teleport Stone and Ancient Stone

    Contributed by: mufaddal 

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