I didn't think there could possibly be any way that this would be buggier than Gothic 3. I was wrong.

User Rating: 3.5 | Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC
Let's get this out of the way. I absolute love the gothic series. I even had a great time with Gothic 3 despite its numerous problems (countless bugs and cringe-worthy voice acting come to mind). However, Forsaken Gods is an unplayable mess that made me want to smash my computer into pieces.
Let me go down the line and explain why.
1. Graphics - These are the exact same graphics that were disappointing 3 years ago. If this bothered you when Gothic 3 was first released then it will sure as hell bother you now. The thing is, this doesn't really bother me, but its still something to gripe about.
2. Sound - Once again, these are the exact same sound effects, voice-overs and music that were sub-par 3 years ago. Actually I originally sort of liked the music but it lacked subtlety within the game so it started to grate after a while. However, even this didn't really bother me. Annoying to be sure, but bearable.
3. Story - I enjoyed the characters and story of the first 2 Gothic games. For the most part it was all well written (not always perfectly translated, but that's not the point). Gothic 3 lacked in story, but it let you carve your own path, which was a nice change of pace. The weird thing is, is that Forsaken Gods completely reverses this by deciding what ending Gothic 3 should have had and forcing you down a certain path. This wouldn't be that big of a problem if there was an actual story developed for this game. So what you have is a linear main quest that lacks a story and characters, but strangely this also didn't really bother me. (To be fair, this is a transition game from G3 to Arcania so a lack of story is not surprising.)
4. Gameplay - Once again nothing new here except an idiotic little addition to the fighting system which is now based on endurance. What they tried to do here is a bit like the Elder Scrolls fatigue system, but since the combat was barely functional to begin with, it just turns the whole thing into a complete disaster. This system is supposed to change the way you play by stopping you from button-mashing and in theory its not a bad idea. However, all this does is make the combat much more frustrating. Now, instead of button mashing until the enemy is dead, you button mash until endurance runs out, wait until it replenishes and then resume button-mashing. All this new system does is make the fights drag out longer and make them twice as frustrating.
5. Performance - Huh, I'm not even sure I know where to start. This is by far and away the biggest problem I have with the game. Ok, first of all, there is the frame-rate. Now I have a rather modern pc that far exceeds the maximum specs, yet there is constant slow-down and when the game is actually running at its best, its still never perfectly smooth. Second there are the bugs. The visual bugs include weird ragdoll physics, constant clipping, non-existent items, written dialogue that doesn't match the vo, etc. There are also broken quest triggers, one in particular that drove me to the brink of madness because it was a main quest trigger and forced me to restart the game. (Now I'm sure you're reading this list and thinking that Gothic 3 had all of these problems and it was still playable, but let me assure you that this expansion pack makes Gothic 3 seem like Bioshock in terms of polish). Anyway, the whole point of this little rant is to say that this game is broken beyond belief (hey alliteration - love it) and that Trine must not have had money in their budget for any testers whatsoever.
6. Value - Let me just say this final thing. I bought this game for $15 and thought that if it was awful, I would just chalk it up as a loss and move on, but this game has so many problems, I felt it was my duty to write a review and warn people about this garbage.

If you actually read through my whole review, I thanks you and hope that I actually did some good for the world by warning people. Now I'm just hoping that Arcania will be amazing and can make up for this game.