This is a disaster!

User Rating: 1 | Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC
If you have played Gothic 3, dont even look at this game. When you play this game it feels like you are getting a giant load of **** in to your brain. This game is obviously a terrible remake of gothic 3 made by amateurs. All the voiceacting from gothic 3 has been reused and mixed with new voiceactors. So EVERYBODY has 2 or more voices. Its so cheap that its unbelievable. Its like dubbing a good movie from time to time to slightly change things, like if no one would notice that they all had 2 voices. This hurts your intelligence more than you can imagine. All the areas is basically the same just that now its empty of interesting people. In Gothic 3 if a character had a name you would be 100% sure you could talk to him but in this game, no! In this game a regular trader or a fisherman could have something to say, and they are everywhere so how should i know which one? If i meet a guy in the middle of a cave or a house that has a name and i cant speak to him. Why is he there if i cant speak to him? My common sense is getting raped while exploring in this game. I have no idea how the developers could let some amateurs get their hands on their game, borrow the game engine, piss on it and leave it for a release. I even downloaded the new enhanced edition and it just polishes the load of **** of a game. I gave the game a second chance because of it but its just like putting more gas in a wrecked car.
Dont buy this game!!!