Apparently Jowood can make it worse....

User Rating: 3 | Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC
Gothic 3 left me very disappointed, I hoped that Jowood will make up for it with a good expansion but I was again disappointed, this expansion takes place after you finished Gothic 3 going through the portal to the Unknown lands with Xardas. After a strange opening slide show the story launches you in Myrtana, which requires you help again, but now you are famous in the land as the brave hero who slayed the dragons of Khorinis and freed Myrtana( a part of it) from the orcs. Despite you fame you have to prove yourself again by completing silly and boring quests, a lot of them being seriously bugged. The hero's personality has also changed, he now talks to other NPC's like bad ass jerk and he also states his intention to be ruler of Myrtana , something that can be very funny. In this expansion there is only one path for the hero to take: that of helping the former rebels(the brothers Inog and Anog, old pals Gorn and Lee) to crush the orcish forces of Thorus( yes, the professional doorman) who wants to be king of Myrtana. The hero will complete several quests and will also reunite with old friend Milten who will help him in stopping Thorus's evil plan to conquer Myrtana.
The story is very dull and thin with nothing interesting in it, the hero will find out that Thourus wants to bring a powerful demon to Myrtana with the help of a orcish shamans, with the help of Milten he finds the location of the ritual and defeats the shamans but Thorus escapes, after that he finds out that the ritual worked and the demon was summoned in an unknown place, he is given a map with 3 marked locations where the demon might be, he finds the beast and kills it, than he returns to the royal palace where he is crowned king, followed by another slide show and a speech.The End.
This is expansion is the worst Gothic game I've ever played, I loved Gothic 1 and 2( even 3 a bit) but this game is ridiculously awful. The story is completely messed up and makes no sense to the player, the game world is small( you can't go to Varant or Nordmar), the dialogue and voice acting are horrible and the list could go on forever. The only good thing I saw in the game was the new weapons added(which you can freely take from the shops if you only have the first 2 patches), that is the only plus. I could never recommend this game to a Gothic fan because by playing this it could ruin his or her opinion of the other Gothic games(1&2+NOTR) which were masterpieces of the RPG genre in my opinion. If you read this review before you've played Forsaken Gods please don't play it, its a complete waste of time and money.