A disappointing "ending" to a series that had more potential than any other RPG...

User Rating: 4 | Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC
I've played G3 FG for a few hours now. First I had to refresh my memory on the town layouts from G3 so I could orient myself. Once my mind was "back in the game" I began roaming around trying to complete the first quest given (5 letters of recommendation).

I was addicted to G1, G2, G2 Night of the Raven and yes, even addicted to G3. I have patched FG, I have all of the latest drivers, and FG runs on my computer like no other game I've ever experienced. I've tweaked all of the settings but I still run into freeze ups and action stopping sequences at every turn. I don't have the best gaming PC out there, but it's sufficient enough to run Fallout 3 with settings between Medium & Ultra, so I know I have the right "equipment" so to speak. ehem.

I don't want to make this a long drawn out review that no one will read, but I'm bored to tears with FG so far. Practically no NPC's talk to you in the game. I'm so sick of hearing "Don't you have something else to do?" and "I'm busy" and " I have to work right now." I'm running all over Geldern taking every piece of gold and silver in sight and opening every chest and no one bats an eye. (I'm assuming this is because in G3 you liberated these cities and they more or less "belong" to you?) Finding the folks I need to find to complete this first objective has (so far) been a nightmare. Then once you do find the person you need to help, they send you on an errand. Big deal. Boris was kind of fun... at least I could complete the errand right there instead of having to traverse the whole of Myrtana!

I'm sorry to say that I am really bummed out about FG and really wish I would have saved my money. I really really wanted to ignore most of the negative reviews and make this one another prized member of my Gothic collection. Now, having played for awhile... I really really wish I would have listened to all of you.

In summary... I am going to go out on a limb and say that FG *is* a must have for Gothic fans... if nothing else but to say you have everything ever released pertaining to Gothic. But, if I had to do it all over again, I would have waited until I saw it in the bargain bin for $9.99. :(