Its basicly g3 with another story.

User Rating: 4 | Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC
Gothic 3 was a good game but the forsaken gods is better. The graphics arent anything special but measure up to some recent games although they arent good even at the max you will be pleased with them if you arent used to ones like in borderlands. The content and the story of the game are solid you dont have much more than in gothic 3 but the story is more interesting. You start off in Silden with Anog sitting across you-before that you killed Xardas(a cinematic)-you need to reunite only Myrtana by killing the orcs and teaming up with Gorn i Gotha and Lee with his Paladins from Vengard or by asking Thorus to stop his attacks on Silden and Geldern.At the end you become the king of myrtana with a capital in Vengard. As for the quality of the game it sucks and has many bugs if you dont install the 1.08 patch where all the bugs are removed. The fight system of the game is very simple you point your mouse and click and you swing your weapon. The items, weapons,skills and spells dont differ much from the original g3 exept the weapons. You have new weapons from who the best is the SCULLSCRAPER(SCULLRIPPER) with 300 damage if blessed and sharpend. There is no need for searching for cheats fot his gaming since it is very much simple.

All in all the game scored 6.5 on a scale of 1-10 due to lack of something new and fresh.
The review is based on my personal experience.