Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode Cheats For NES

  1. Life-to-Ammo Conversion

    If you are in a maze with fewer than 10 bullets remaining, especially if you are totally out of ammo, which can render you defenseless and unable to fight in a maze, press SELECT to convert 1 LIFE to 1 AMMO.

  2. Level select code

    Wait until the helicopter demo ends, and wait untli Duke's eyes show up. One of the eyes will disappear followed by a flash over the eye, hit start when the flash ends. Now press and hold Up+A+B on controller 1 and press and hold Up/Left+A+B on controller 2 and hit start. Note that the cheat gives odd level numbers; the below correspond to the levels.

    Code Effect
    Level 1 00
    Level 1a 02
    Level 2 08
    Level 3 0A
    Level 3a 0E
    Level 4 12
    Level 4a 1A
    Level 5 1E
    Level 7 32
    Level 8 38
    Level 9 3B
    Level 10 40
    Level 13 49

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
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Other Act 12 Map by StarFighters76 35K
Other Act 03 Map by StarFighters76 63K
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Other Act 07 Map by StarFighters76 63K
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