Where is everyone?

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This is strange - did I dream my involvement in the goldeneye forum for the past year?

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Hey its Dune. I took a break from the forums, and appearantly, my account was deleted. This is quite dissapointing. Now this forum looks like a ghost town lol. I've just got BlackOps recently and have played zombies if any have noticed. I do plan on returning to Goldeneye to finish getting 56 (I believe I left off at around 44). College has kept me quite busy through the months of March and April (along with my gaming projects). Its sad to see the decrease in number of players though. Is BLITZ dead? :(
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Wow, last year I spent so much time here. But then I left and stopped playing GoldenEye. Now I look and there is only 4 forums total. What happened to the days when we filled up, like, 30 pages?

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I'm back and I'm not black :D
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I guess nobody is playing the game anymore bruh :( i moved on to playing airsoft, but i play with videogame guns a lot http://www.airsplat.com/goldeneye.htm