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:D :D :D It's me guys whats up and sorry for the long absence from the game :( my wii is broke and ims funna get a new one :)
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Does anyone still use these forums? 0_o They used to be filled with GE players *Sigh* Well I guess I'm looking for a new team since MK is gone XD
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Hey!!! I know you!!! If, your looking for a clan join BTK, . Meet us there, and will help. Unless you want to be in MK, here the link
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Lol, that use to be the Joke, you need clan?! MK is recruiting!

Man, I didn't expect that the forums would be this dead...where did everyone go for reals? They got bored with the community too?

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lol i stopped hangin out here when i got into airsofting.