***Looking for party members to play with***

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My daughter and I are looking for some good players to party with. She is a level 50. I am 48 (only because she plays while im at work over the summer) lol. Anyway. We come across other parties of 3 and four and seem to have a harder time with them. though we still tend to dominate we are looking to become a more powerful force. Our favorites are Black Box and Team Conflict but can get busy on pretty much any game. My Friend Code is 3827-8530-2729. My player name is Big Tae (I know you've heard of me!!!) and my daughters is Destiny so if you see her name as part of our party you know what it is. Leave me your friend code and add me so we can get together and play sometime. Btw if you such we will just delete you after a few sucky games so dont bother if you're no good. Thanks. :-)
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Hi i have been looking for a clan to join for a while now and i would like to join one with you and your daughter. My name on GE is PrO x OwNs, 400490504539 is my FC, im sure we will have lots of fun together ;) Olly
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tell me when you have added me :)
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fine dont add me
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Hey if you guys are looking to join a clan you should join mine. It's on Facebook. It's called FKU-goldeneye wii clan.Go and post your FC and me and some clanmates will add you.
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i wonder if any of you would be down to airsoft with golden eye guns? lol http://www.airsplat.com/goldeneye.htm