Rockstar proves once again why they make so much money

Well I must say like most people when Rockstar announced their DS GTA title I immediately thought they had lost their minds not due to the title being on DS but how ambitious it was to attempt to cram all the gameplay elements that GTA is renown for into such a unique console;

Well I have great news - They did it and the end product is unbelievable.

GTA Chinatown Wars is quite simply a breath of fresh air in the series - It still incorporates everything we love along with additional features that use the touchscreen to its full potential - From kicking the windscreen out of a car to prevent yourself from driving when all the way to handling a Oxy cutter to open the back of an ammunation truck;

The graphical beauty is hard to show in screenshots which when released on Gamespot made us all cringe a little as they don't show the constant movement that is associated with liberty city but I assure people who are thinking of this title that everything from the blow up valve on a banshee through to the neon under certain gang cars looks downright stunning.

GTA on the DS
Easy to learn controls
Drug deals
Brilliant use of the touch screen
Fun missions
Buyable Safehouses
Plenty of weapons

Con (Singular not plural)
Throwable weapon handling - This is not really a con as it work really well but can be hard to use on the fly - which is no different from any other GTA title as you always had to switch between weapons - In CW however you have to use the touch pad to adjust the range but putting it simply not many people use grenades in combat unless the rare circumstance arises where you need to blow a parked car up or something along those lines

Through and through GTA:CW keeps the tradition of GTA alive on a hand held - It is funny addictive and downright gruesome at times but hey that's why we play the games.