Possibly the best game ever. Vice City and San Andreas-get one to you liking or both, but get one NOW!

Wow. Totally wow. The most kick-ass game ever maybe. I prefer one game to it, but this game is absolutely great. GTA3 I've never played, but GTA: VC had a large-ish map, variety of missions, good story, good characters, and is about 9.5 or so. GTA: San Andreas completely changes GTA. From Mafia to the hood, you go from mobman to gangsta, and while some might not liek it, it's done it brilliantly.

The weak point- the music on the radio is worse than the stuff on Vice City. But there is a massive land, a large vairety of missions, excellent characters, brilliant story, and a phenomenal game.

Score: 9.9. It's better than....Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
It's worse than....Shadow of the Colossus.