It was there, but it fell short.

User Rating: 7 | Godzilla: Unleashed WII
I've been a fan of godzilla when it was released onto dvds and video games. I've played Destroy all monsters for gamecube and Save the Earth for the xbox. i have to say this one may not be like the gamecube version, but it's better than Save the Earth. The controls are weird and it's hard trying to damage your opponent when they keep blocking. The graphics are smooth and clean. The sound is crisp and sounds like the real monsters. i never thought there were so many monsters in the series. it's hard trying to unlock the characters and beat most of the goals when the character you're using can't fly right or punch correctly. i got this game for 20 bucks during the Gamestop Game Day Sale and I don't regret getting it. I've been waiting to get this one, but all the bad reviews i read almost made me change my mind. It's good for a Godzilla fan and if you're looking for a fighting game that's cheap and entertaining. if you're looking for a serious fighter than steer clear of this one. I mean I love Godzilla, i just wish that the developer would have made this gamecube controller compatible because the controls were perfect. maybe when the next one comes they'll have the controller compatibility.