Godzilla Unleashed Cheats For Wii

  1. Monsters

    Certain monsters are obtained by completing a certain task.

    Code Effect
    Free Baragon from the crystals in "A Friend in Need" at Monster Island as a Alien. Defeat him in the "Baragon" stage and buy him for 15,000 points. Baragon
    Be a Earth Defender and play "Rumble in the Surf" at Tokyo. Destroy the building with vines and defeat Biollante later on and buy her for 30,000 pts. Biollante
    Play "Terran Mind-Control" at New York as an Alien. Destroy large crystal in crater and nine days later defeat Krystalak and buy him for 20,000 pts. Krystalak
    Play "Invasion" as a Earth Defender at San Francisco and defeat Ghidorah. Play "M.K.G" and defeat Mecha Ghidorah and buy him for 50,000 points. Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Be a ED and play "Enter General Gyozen" at London. Destroy three teal crystals. Return near the end and defeat Megaguirus. Buy her for 20,000 pts. Megagurius
    Play a mech from GDF and play "Big Trouble" at Seattle. Destroy three cone crystals. Defeat Obsidius later and buy him for 20,000 pts. Obsidius
    Play as a Mutant and obtain four Power Surges and beat "Tyrant" at the end of the game. SpaceGodzilla will be added to the shop and will cost 100,000. SpaceGodzilla
    Use a mech from GDF and play "Soloist" at Sydney. Destroy three circular ice structures. Return later and defeat the dinosaur. Buy him for 25,000 pts. Titanosaurus
    Play as an Alien and destory the crystals on the Mothership in "On the Mothership". Return to the level and defeat Varan and buy him for 30,000 pts. Varan
    Buy a monster from each faction or beat the game with a monster from each faction. Then buy him for 20,000 points. Godzilla 1954
    Unlock every monster for purchase or play a set number hours. Then buy him for 100,000 points. Godzilla 90's

    Contributed by: nacholibre92 

  2. Mothership level

    Play through single player as Aliens and when you get to the level "Invasion" instead of defeating the enemies destroy the mothership. This will unlock the mothership level for purchase in the store.

    Contributed by: Perfect Cody 

  3. Cheat Codes

    At the main menu, press A and Up on the D-pad.

    Code Effect
    787321 Toggle Version Number
    0829XX Set Day (Note: xx is day, 0-based. So, entering 082910 would take you to Day 11 of the save game you’re currently working on. This only works after yo
    031406 Add 90000 store points
    411411 Show Monster Moves (Note: This is a text display of move names, underneath HUD in game.)
    204935 Unlock All

    Contributed by: GameMaStar 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by WereRalph 33K
Other Unlockable FAQ by samthebigkid 16K
Character Guide Godzilla 2000 by Dracoferret 16K

Godzilla Unleashed Cheats For DS

  1. Characters

    Code Effect
    Defeat "Hedorah Terrorizes San Francisco" stage Anguirus
    Defeat "Monster Island, The Final Battle" stage Destoroyah
    Defeat "Mecha King Ghidorah Ravages Bangkok" stage King Ghidorah
    Defeat "Biollante Attacks Paris" stage Fire Rodan
    Beat "Ebirah Swamps" level. Gigan
    Unlock all other characters but Biolantte attacks Paris, then beat it and you will get Krystaslak along with Fire Rodan. Krystalak

    Contributed by: Thanos6 

  2. Concept art and 3D models

    Code Effect
    Defeat "Atlantis Rises From The Deep" level Atorgon
    Defeat "Atlantis Rises From The Deep" level Manda
    Defeat "Mecha King Ghidorah Ravages Bangkok" level Moguera
    Defeat "Mecha King Ghidorah Ravages Bangkok" level Mecha King Ghidorah
    Defeat "Cairo Is...Lost In Space" level Mechagodzilla
    Defeat "Cairo Is...Lost In Space" level The Sphinx
    Defeat "Monster Island, The Final Battle" level Destoroyah (NPC)
    Defeat "Monster Island, The Final Battle" level SpaceGodzilla
    Defeat "Biollante Attacks Paris" level Megaguirus
    Defeat "Biollante Attacks Paris" level Biollante
    Defeat "Hedorah Terrorizes San Francisco" level Baragon
    Defeat "Hedorah Terrorizes San Francisco" level Hedorah
    Defeat "Orga Thrashes Sydney" level Orga
    Defeat "Orga Thrashes Sydney" level Jet Jaguar
    Defeat "Ebirah Swamps Tokyo" level Titanosaurus
    Defeat "Ebirah Swamps Tokyo" level Ebirah
    Defeat "Monster Island, The Final Battle" level with that character Any playable character

    Contributed by: Thanos6 

  3. Cheats

    Beat the specified game mode on a level to unlock the cheat.

    Code Effect
    Beat "Monster Island- Final Battle" on Survival Mode. Extreme Power

    Contributed by: Lo1z 

Godzilla Unleashed Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Beat the game once with Godzilla

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once Orga
    Beat the game once Methra
    Beat the game once Godzilla 1990
    Beat the game once Baragon
    Beat the game once Jet Jaguar
    Beat the game once Moguera
    Beat the game once Mechgodzilla2
    Beat the game once Mecha King Ghidorah
    Beat the game once Space Godzilla
    Beat the game once MegaGurious
    Beat the game once Battra
    Beat the game once Obsidius
    Beat the game once Tokyo
    Beat the game once London
    Beat the game once Monster Island
    Beat the game once Mothership
    Beat the game once New York
    Beat the game once Seattle
    Beat the game once Trailers
    Beat the game once Video 1
    Beat the game once Video 2
    Beat the game once Concept Art 1 To 24

    Contributed by: conradpower 

  2. Cheat codes

    At the title screen "Story, Brawl, etc" Press and hold up while pressing x to bring up a password screen and on the screen put in the following:

    Code Effect
    031406 Gain 90000 storepoints (Note: Enter as many times needed.)
    204935 Unlocks Everything
    411411 Shows Monster's Move Name at the Bottom of the Screen
    Unlocks all store items Enter 204935
    Set Day Enter 0829(XX) Note : (XX) is Day 0-based. ex. entering "082910" would take you to day 11 of the current saved game
    Got 90000 store points Enter 031406
    Show Monster moves Enter 411411. This will display a text underneath the HUD in the game
    Hide HUD Enter 585858
    Show HUD Enter 858585
    Toogle version number Enter 787321

    Contributed by: shadowcore76 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Walkthrough Walkthrough by Darkstar2009 30K
Other Unlockable FAQ by samthebigkid 16K