An amazing hack n' slash game

User Rating: 8.5 | God of War (Greatest Hits) PS2
NOTE! I did not play the PS2 version i just wanted to note that i played the PS3 version included in the God of war collection, they are pretty much identical though so it dosen't really matter that much.
God of war is the game that defined the hack n' slash genre and has gone down in history, the game is great.
The plot follows Kratos, a man with a trouble past who's in service to the gods his goal is to help athena kill aries, the god of war, who kratos holds a personal grudge against. The story is pretty much an excuse for Kratos to go and kill things but once you start to learn his back-sory and why he's so angry all the time you actually start to sympathize with him.
The gameplay is where god of war really shines, it's a hack and slash so pretty much all you do is press square and triangle the whole game, but because the combos are so easy to do and every combo looks cool and powerful so it raerly gets repetative. You can also grab weaker enamies and do brutal finishing moves once you weaken some of the larger ones. There's also magic powers you can do in the game, but you probably won't use most of them. The bosses are also epic there isn't really a ton of them, but all of them are very memorable. There are also some puzzle elements thrown in and some of them are actually very clever/challenging.
The game is pretty gory and i think the blood adds to the power you feel while weilding kratos' power.
The graphics are passable, playing the HD version it looks pretty crisp, the origional PS2 version looks pretty bad in comparison, but i guess t looked ok for the time. The pre-rendered cutscenes actually do look pretty good, it's just a shame they are only used to explain major plot points and not all the time. The music is very good and suits the game's epic scale very well. The voice acting is also very good as well.
The game will take you about 7-8 hours to complete after that you un-lock some making-of videos, the god difficutly, and the challenge of the god rooms, other than that there isn't much in the way of re-play value
So overall god of war is a super fun and gory hack n' slash game, i highly recomend it.