To complete the SAGA.

User Rating: 9.5 | God of War Collection Volume II PS3
I have played both games on the PSP when they first came out.
The games pushed the PSP's specs to the limit and both games delivered.

On the PS3 both games are solid as well as long. I do however see that they added some minor things into these versions that were not present on the PSP version but I might be wrong.

As for the trophies, most of them are hidden so it is fun to discover what they are.

Graphic-wise, the games look somewhere between GOW 1 and GOW 2 (on the PS3). The enemy NPC's however do not look that outstanding, some of the larger bosses and mini bosses are pretty detailed though. I also see that extra work went into making Kratos as detailed as possible. The water however looks crappy and the faraway textures are so-so.

Aside from that, the gameplay is a mix of all GOW games.
There's a roll that you can do with the right analog stick (something you could not do on a PSP). There are no wings of Icarus and there is no golden fleece so forget about parrying at least at first. The Helios shield comes later. Plus there are those new items and weapons that are not present in GOW1, GOW2 and GOW3. As usual you start off with the blades of Athena and work your way up.

I found The Ghost of Sparta to be more compelling that The Chains of Olympus however, story-wise at least. The atmosphere is as dark and gritty as ever and the flashbacks plus the full circle narrative towards the end make you understand why this game dominated the PSP game library for the past 10 months.

I also found both games to be pretty easy on HARD for some reason.

Finally, the two games are well worth the $ 40.00 in my opinion especially if that gives you the opportunity to jump into Kratos's boots once again, or for the last time.