Who knew killing Gods would be so much fun? XD

User Rating: 9 | God of War III PS3
Bloody amazing!! It's so much fun slashing and killing creatures , Gods and innocent people!!!! :D Even if you hate the series you will have a lot of fun.

You are Kratos , half human - half God , and you are ready to take your revenge against the Gods of Olympus for everything you've been through.
The cinematic scenes are breathtaking and sometimes you don't even know if it's over! The boss fights are some of the best i've ever seen and the graphics are stunning!! The controls are like the previous GoW games so anybody who is familiar with the franchise will have no problem.
After you beat the game you will want to play again , but you also unlock The Challenge of Olympus witch is basically an arena where you have to complete the objectives in order to win. It's really hard though , i personally only completed 2 challenges and was struggling most of the time... This is great for hardcore gamers no doubt. When you beat the game you also unlock a new "skin" but trophies are disabled while wearing it.

Amazing game!! 9/10