The best PS2 will ever offer. -No Spoiler Review-

User Rating: 9.9 | God of War II PS2
Sequels in many senses are supposed to continue a story that has been setup by a previous game, and many times sequels fail miserably. But not this time. Sony managed to produce a game that was par with the previous if not better in all perspectives.

God of War 2 is one of those games that you don't necessarily have to play the previous to understand who the protagenist is or what situation his put in. This time around it's Kratos and he is in a whole lot of trouble.

Like the basis of movies, novels or games, there has to be some sort of complication that supports the main story, as everyone should know, Kratos isn't the best of friends with the Gods, and causes some problems. He then is thrown into chaos and from there has to go on a fantistical journey ripping open dead legionairres and behead mace wielding mini-cyclopses.

And now onto the core elements review.

The game itself isn't very difficult, besides the occational puzzle that has you absolutely rippin out your hair, you should be fine and just cruise through the game at a nice pace. But this is a God of War game, and like its predecessor it came with many difficulties of gameplay so you could spend upto two weeks on Titan Mode (impossible difficulty) before you finish the game.

The time spent playing the game depends on what you do, if you've play the game before and are just flying through, you'll finish it in less than 10 hours. But if you're the "o look at this level design and this environment" type of person you could possibly spend more time playing it. Also, like the predecessor, the game comes with extra challenges in the Treasures section which could possible add more time spent playing.

If you've played the previous game, then there is almost literally no difference in this game, besides the interaction button. If not, the game is very user friendly and grows upon you. The "o" minigames also are introduced as if ou had just started playing the game.

The gameplay was simply amazing, they had taken the first game and given it a total rework. It's not like they simply changed it's covers and slapped some poorly done levels with a cutscene. This game was truely made by kings.
The new weapons added in the game are fun to use, though some practice and experimentation may be required before you totally own with those weapons. This also applies to the powers, they totally rock. I don't want to give away too much for those who haven't played the game, but you will seriously enjoy the powers in God of War 2.
The environments are just like the first game, it's a small area that pans across an entire city or landscape with tiny moving things in the background that just adds to how amazing the game is.
Another fanciful feature new feature in this game is (don't worry it's not a spoiler) a body, time spent playing, unlocked secrets counter that is accessible through the upgrades menu by going either R1 or L1, it was very impressing to see such a feature in this game, and now you can really rack up some kills and brag to your friends, and even take screenshots.

These are truely the greatest graphics that are ever going to be leeched out of a Playstation 2. The game is similar to the first in terms of graphics, with amazing environments convering entire cities, but also shaper characters. And this is something that should not be missed, Kratos has facial expressions during the game, its amazing and adds so much life to the game that you cannot comprehend until you see it yourself. Anything else to be said on graphics? Gore is good.

The sound in the game was excellent, the screaming, chopping, slicing and disembolving sounds add to the game. The score too was just exquisite, but what was missing was the original GOW theme. Non the less the music and sounds that the game offered were more than enough for itself.

Personally, I had preordered the game, and I was busting my bubble waiting for it. When it came I wasn't shocked, but purely amazed. It was $100 well spent. Putting it simply, the game is gold and worth the wait.

In the end all I can say is that I'm overly happy with what God of War 2 has to offer. It came, delivered... is delivering still and hopefully it will be the same for others. PS2 has aged quite some bit, but now everyone can see what life it has in it, and the potential for games of a Golden quality. God of War 2 deserves everything it's getting and more!