if you liked the first one, don't miss this

User Rating: 9.8 | God of War II PS2
All of the elements that made the first GoW such a great game are back in this second entry. Excellent and addictive gameplay which is easy to understand but hard to master, a very carefully crafted story which immerses you in a universe filled with fantasy, very good soundtrack and voice overs, ans sick animations for the deaths of you opponents are all here in one big package. The game plays out great, with the same simple controls as the first, a light attack and a heavy attack which can be combined for different combos is the main part of combat. Evasion works mainly by rolling, and there is also a "fatality" style grab which you can use to kill, where the game will prompt you for a series of buttons. This game also introduce more than 1 subweapon, which is nice for a change. The story is as good as the first game, picking up right where it left off. It also makes a good job of welcoming newcomers that didn't get to play the first game. A lot of the enemies are back, although there are a few newcomers. They are all extremely well crafted and have a very unique fighting style, but none are easy to take down. All in all, GoW 2 is an excellent game with very few flaws, and one that should not be passed by any hardcore gamer or newcomer.