Round 2 of God of War. Greek history gets a second breath of live. Making you want to learn more about Greek mythology.

User Rating: 9.6 | God of War II PS2
When God of War was released it made people stand up and take notice. This kind of game with these graphics, a great story line on a PS2 !?
This was the kind of game people have been waiting for, for a long time. Now comes GOW2. The story unfolds even more into the life of Kratos and the suffering and pain that he has to live with. Greek mythology has been given a breath of life with these 2 games.
The combat in this game is good and easy to pick up. But as you go along and start getting to the bigger creatures that you will have to battle, the combat can be a pain at times because it's all about timing. But nothing is better than when you do get the timing down right and defeat the creature. Up grading your weapons and powers and learning new moves is a great feature. Of course it's not the only game that has this or the first game to offer weapon upgrades, but none the less it helps out. This time around air combat as been added. Flying around on the back of a Griffin was amazing. It took me a few times to do this right, simply because I was to busy looking at the screen amazed with the graphics and how great everything looked.
For a PS2 game this is a most have for your collection, along with the 1st God Of War.
Hopefully there will be a GOW3 for the PS3. When playing GOW and GOW2 on the PS2 and seeing what can be done, only makes you excited about what can be done on the PS3. This game is a most run out and buy right now. Don't wait, don't even think about renting it. Just go out and buy it. You won't be disappointed. It's by far worth ever penny.