Brilliant action game.

User Rating: 9 | God of War II PS2

I couldn't wait to play the iteration of the first God of war. The story continues and overall you must take revenge of Zeus who betrayed you. You're Kratos, a mortal from a fallen god seeking revenge and this revenge could be only obtained changing your fate. You must do all you can bringing down the sisters of fate and returning to the time when Zeus betrayed you. The gameplay is no different from the previous GOW: you have all sorts of powers which you can improve, The moves are great, the combos satisfying and the bosses are sometimes hard to put down. There are some awkward puzzle, some clumsy association of objects and sometimes you feel lost. You must look carefully all around the premises, you must try everything to grabbing the solution. Puzzle solving is sometimes a nuisance. Yet it's fun and rewarding. I would have marked it with the highest grade, but the button pushing seems sometimes a bit of a problem.