Will multiplayer breathe new life into the GOW series.

User Rating: 6 | God of War: Ascension PS3
This is more of a spin off of how the story of Kratos came to be well you know the person that he is and is basically a prequel and possibly one of the earliest games in the timeline of the saga.


It starts with Kratos being torched but he manages to escape and it sort of like goes back in time to either a few weeks or a couple of months as to how this came to be.


The game itself is your typical God of War beat up enemies take down bosses and a couple of puzzles here and there. Most of the enemies you can just mash the button and defeat them. The bosses while still big don't have that wow factor that certain others in earlier games had.

Some of the powers in the game are also very lacking in creativity it only really powers up your sword to do different abilities. The games puzzles aren't to tricky either to work out and aren't that frequent. It all just feels like they creators just wanted to focus on multiplayer and decided to try a single player that becomes extremely boring halfway through. Also the camera zooms out in some of the battles so you don't really know who you are facing.

Speaking of multiplayer while it was an interesting idea it doesn't really enhance the experience to the player. You can set traps and such but sometimes you can just button mash your way to victory and after a few attempts you will get bored of it. It's not gonna be one of those you come back to unlike other PS3 games that have online.


To be honest it doesn't really look to similar to the previous God of War which was amazing to look at by the way. The kills of bosses in the game lack the amazement of previous ones and also Kratos new found personality is lacking.


It is about maybe 6 to 8 hours long in terms of the campaign but apart from multiplayer there is no need to play it again.

Overall Opinion

Seems like a bit of a pointless attempt to bring something different to the God of War series. The game is nothing but a cash in on the franchise and feels lightweight compared to other in the series. God of War fans will probably like it but to be honest nothing you haven't seen before and it isn't really that memorable.

Overall Score 6.0