Play order of games?

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I just picked up a PS3 again, and I've never delved into the GoW series at all. I think I have 2 hours played on the first one?

What is THE play order of the games with everything out there in HD. Is the 'Origins' collection a prequel to GoW?

I appreciate the help... just not sure if I should play in release order, or if it should go Origins, 1/2 Collection then III.

#2 Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog (792 posts) -

play them in order of release.

Or skip the PSP games, and just play those whenever you're outta the house.

The PSP games don't really bear much on the story, and you can play them whenever.

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If you want to play them in the order of the in-game timeline, it would be Ascension, Chains of Olympus, GoW1, Ghost of Sparta, GoW2 and GoW3.