Proof of the soul...? Some of the Game Developers should had put more soul into it.

User Rating: 7 | Hercules no Eikou: Tamashii no Shoumei DS
Having the setting in ancient Greece sound like a lot of fun in an RPG. Gods, Monsters, Heroes, This game has it all. But there's something missing...

In Japan, the game is called Proof of Soul. This, however is lacking on most of the Staff that made this game.

The combat system is Great. LOTS of customization for each character. There's spells, abilities, passive skills, weapon blacksmiths, alchemists, you name it.

The story is good. Sure, it's slow, but there are enough twists and turns to make one go "sweet".

The graphic are... from normal to awful... You will not want to explore Greece, it's not an beautiful, inspiring place, Everything is very blocky, as if the scenario artists had little soul put on it. The characters were 3D models put on 2D. They don't look so good, but their animations are very fluid and the special attack animations are very cool and fun.

Now onto the scores:

2.0 } Gameplay - It's nice to have the option to use the buttons or the stylus. Also, they give you minigames to powerup the spells and abilities, you can choose to do them or skip them. Ahhh, the freedom.

2.0 } Story - Conversations are not too long as to bore you but things spice up from the middle of the game onwards. Each character has his own epic past and that's cool.

0.5 } Graphics - Mostly ugly save from some interesting enemies designs. Animations are fluid too.

1.0 } Sound - Wow, some of the music is really really great and some other tend to be forgettable.

1.5 } Replay Value - This is one of the games you should really try out before buying: it's not for everyone. Still, there are a couple of nice things to make it play again.

7.0 } Total - A nice game that could have been more. A simple JRPG for beginners and veterans alike. Well, mostly for beginners.

Conclusion - "Fun but forgettable"

There are a lot of things that they could have put on the game to make it more EPIC. From summons to better setting. They could even abuse the boss aspect (they have plenty, but they could have put more! so much mythology wasted.) Still, I enjoyed a lot and I am proud to have it in my collection (love the shiny golden cover of the box). Take care people!