This game has been completely reworked since launch and needs a new review from GS! Went from rental to incredible!

User Rating: 10 | Global Agenda PC
Firstly, HiRez is an amazing company that truly listens to it's players. They got rid of the monthly fee, added open world PvE, and a number of other improvements asked for by players. They also have an incredibly fair marketing strategy. All of the cash shop items and boosts either make it faster to level, give you more end-match rewards, or are cosmetic only. Yet the advantages are so fine-tuned to what you would want and the cosmetics look so awesome, that the price is almost spot on what they are worth.

The basic template of the game is an MMORPG with four classes to choose from, and third person shooter gameplay. Within that play style are the 4 different activities you can choose from: 1. Open world PvE (levels 1-20 only, as of now), 2. Coop PvE (4 man teams), Mercenary PvP (10v10), and AvA or (Agency versus Agency) which is the same as Merc PvP but with highly strategic and cooperative 10 man teams and large scale rewards.

The PvE is very skill based. The open world PvE is basically for leveling up to level 20, but players are hoping for more open world PvE in the next expansion that extends to level 50 (the maximum level in the game), and this is fairly certain to be included. It's fun to team up with others to finish these quests faster, but they can all be completely solo if you're good enough. The coop PvE is basically instances lasting 15 minutes each. They have varying difficulties for you to choose from, and even the best players will be challenged on the hardest difficulty. These matches require a high amount of team coordination and you MUST know how to play your class well. One weak link on the team usually equates to a loss for the whole team. It's pretty fun to go through each of the four classes and learn how to play it well until you can completely dominate your role in PvE.

The PvP is some of the fastest paced PvP I've seen on the PC. The teams are now kept evenly matched as far as each class goes (each team has the same amount of each class) but there's no way the matchmaker can predict player skill for every game. This leads to some lopsided matches and it gets pretty annoying. Teaming up with a few other good players can usually lead to a much higher win rate, otherwise I just switch to PvE for a few matches if I'm getting unlucky. However, even a decently balanced match is exhilarating as you hang onto the point for that last second as a tank, mow down the opposition with a well placed turret as a robotic, save your tank's life with a heal wave at the very last second as a medic, or decimate a well defended robotic nest with bombs and sniper fire as a recon. Also, there are some really great rewards available from PvP so it offers some incentive to keep trying. AvA, on the other hand, almost always involves very coordinated teams pitted against each other. Since each team is from one agency, the players have usually practiced together. Only one can come out on top, but it's usually a fierce battle to get there. The rewards for AvA are tons of tokens, some of the coolest helmets in the game, and of course the reputation.

You now get rewards at the end of EVERY match, win or lose. Losses give you less money, tokens and experience, while wins give you a good amount of money, tokens, experience, and an item. Harder missions can give you some great items, but you'll always end with some kind of reward for your time.

I'll also mention the 3 timers that constantly run on 90 minute intervals. There's one for a Coop PvE mission with 2 players on the AI team as well as the normal 4 trying to beat the mission. There's another PvE with 10 man teams versus waves of robots and a boss; the harder version of this game type is EXTREMELY difficult and probably the hardest game type there is. Then there is a PvP one called Beta Maps that lets you try the upcoming map and get special dyes as a reward. This means HiRez is constantly creating and testing new maps, and you get to see them ahead of time. All of these special game types have much higher chances of giving a great reward, and some have special items available as achievements.

On top of all this you have great graphics, excellent multiplayer, a solid guild system, and constant updates and tweaks. I think it's a great way to delve into a game and really feel like you're fighting for your life rather than grinding out quests and exp in a WoW clone. Plus, the basic version is free, and for only $20 dollars you can get extra abilities and rewards for that single payment.

Here's my favorite thing about this game: I take college classes and work full time, so I don't have time to waste. If I played WoW I'd probably log on for 30 minutes a few days a week, get hardly anything done, and log back off, for $15 a month. With Global Agenda I paied $20 and I can log in, play 2 or 3 matches in those 30 minutes, and know for a fact that I will get rewards for my efforts. And if I win, i'll even get some new gear. On top of that, after logging in all the action you could ask for is just a click away since much of the content is instance based. Hopefully they will make more open world content to appease the RPG enthusiasts, but for me this game already has a enough of both PvE and PvP to satisfy me. On top of this, it's a fairly new game and is still being improved immensely by a company that I think is fully capable of bringing out the full potential of this unique, futuristic MMOFPS.