Shame on you GameSpot!! This game has improved drastically since lunch. Simply the most underrated product in history !!

User Rating: 9.5 | Global Agenda PC
Yes the game did have a high price tag for its relatively small content, However the game had a free expansion plus tons of updates AND just now they made an endless trial for it so you can play it for free or choose to pay for it to gain additional advantages so it wouldn't harm you if you try it at least. And yes it's not as big as your typical MMO BUT is this really a bad thing? Don't realise that big MMOs contain endless stupid travelling quests and the stupid grind never ends. This game is all about the fun and not about how powerful your gear is. Yes gear does exist but skill comes first. To give an example 2 low levelled teaming players in this game should be able to beat a single maxed level player when in other MMOs if your a starting character you cant even damage the maxed character. This game is all about accessibility. You can respec your talent points any time you want. You can switch your gear and thus game style between deaths. Above all, all your characters in this game share the same loot bag so the money you earn, the tokens you grind even the profession skill points are all shared by all the classes so this game is very friendly in letting you have all 4 classes at max level with top gear in a shorter time it takes you to max one character in any other MMO (hence WOW :)). This is the first game review I EVER write. I just couldn't stop my fingers from writing when I saw the Gamespot rating. SOOOO unfair. This is the ONLY action oriented third person shooter semi-MMO that exists today so why not give it a chance. I was a hardcore team fortress 2 fan and I played WOW for 4 years and got bored. I was waiting for the game that can blend the 2 games for me and here comes global agenda. It's a smaller game than WOW but a bigger game than team fortress. It allows you to level up and gain more gear but without making it a grind fest. If your a fan of either shooting games (especially team fortress 2, monday night combat) or MMO games you owe it to your self to try this game. The ONLY game that caters the needs of both casual and hardcore players. why do you need a full scale MMO when you can level up by simply playing PVP or PVE dungeons

bottom line is this game today is one of its kind and if its updates keeps coming it has the potential to be the best gaming experience of all time. i just wish the game was first released in its current form so that it didn't get such an insanely unfair review.