The good, The bad, and that pretty armor!

User Rating: 6.5 | Global Agenda PC
After several hours of playing this game, the novelty wore off, due to repetitive missions. The core idea of this game was great though and I personally wish that this industry try to expand their borders to the idea of good shooters and MMO, cause as this game showed, shooters and MMO's can coexist or even work to benefit from each other. The game was pretty and fun at first, but the developer's simply couldn't make me want to buy this game. the Conquest is really the only alliance (guild for WoW players basically) and is a great idea and the only part of this game that excels other than graphics (might I add that if you don't have a 512 mb graphics card it can get laggy as it did for me). Graphics were great, from city scape, armor, facial detail, and weaponry, not enough to make me buy the game, especially with my 1/4 gb of graphic ram. The auction house, though helpful and creates a trade economy between players, was mainly to sell crafting items, which are repetitive to grind to say the least. I didn't player PvP as for my lag wasnt to good past PvE so I apologize for that section missing in my review. Ultimately, this game is for casual shooters and those of who loved the trade and player aspect of WoW. I wouldn't buy this game, but I recommend trying the demo( 3gbs atleast). Kudos to the developers for taking the step in the right direction! Developers like HR pave the way for gaming and we as gamers need to support them in their ideals.