Gamespots Review is Wrong

User Rating: 10 | Global Agenda PC
Im sorry but the main gripe that Gamespots reviewer had was the 'grind'.

There is NO grind in this game!!! What the heck is he talking about.

For one, after the last patch, there is a better match-up service.
But that isnt the point - You dont need to 'grind' to enjoy PvP.

You can start PvPing at Lvl 8, and be effective and valuable as a team member.
You get XP from PvP, so all you have to do is just log on and have fun.

A low lvl player can, and often does, out-do a high lvl player.
The lvl's give you an edge, but knowing how to play is all you really need.

For example, my robotic STILL uses a force field, a medcrate, and a personal turret - all items that you get before you even hit lvl 15. Its very effective. The only thing that lvling changes is being able to survive a little longer, and certain perks/buffs to the deployables.
Good situational awareness and a good reflexes, along with learning the basic game mechanics, is the road to victory.

There is NO grind!! You log on. You play a few PvP matches. You get XP. You get a few lvls. A lvl 5 player can beat a lvl 30 player in a 1v1, no problems.
People are just stuck in the 'grind' mindset, under the false pretense that higher 'levels' means you cant possibly win.
Sure, leveling up gives you perks and bonuses, but it just comes naturally as you play and have fun in PvP.
you dont need to GRIND to get there.
With casual play, my character was lvl 30 in about 1 1/2 weeks. THATS a grind???

Besides all that, BIG changes are on the way for this game-
Open world PvP, open world PvE, specialization paths for your character, starting at lvl 30 to 50.
New equipment, new weapons.
Dont Miss out on this game, its a real gem, get into it.

This review does not do it justice, and I find parts of it downright FALSE.