Global Agenda is not for FPS fans, it's more like a real time MMORPG.

User Rating: 3 | Global Agenda PC
If you liked Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, or Fallout 3, then one would naturally think that Global Agenda should be a pretty good game. However, after I played I was left hungry and bored. First of all, this game uses something similar to the Star Wars Galaxies Engine. Aiming and Hitboxes are ridiculous and too easy. Bullets do not travel fast enough, and after awhile I felt like I was playing Star Wars Galaxies with the auto aim turned off. The gameplay is instance based, albeit very fast. So, it's not a matter of FPS skill, but more who is on your team, what class they play, and what special powers you are going to use (press #1-9). That's it, that's all, and the level ups and armor are pretty to look at but lack substance, innovation, and it's all basic hit points and energy. There was no creativity or ingenuity put into the game.

Reminds me overall of everything overdone and wrapped together in an unpolished and unexciting game.