Great hype but no substance. The fabled free mmorpg has 6 things to do and levels that get samey after the first hour.

User Rating: 1 | Global Agenda PC
I was looking forward to global agenda for months. I even got in early for the pre launch early start where you could only get to level 10.

You make your character out of the assault, medic, recon, engineer classes (TF2 Heavy, medic, sniper/spy, engineer anyone?).

Then you can choose to do the "Introduction" where you escape from a test tube and have a nagging women in your ear for 30 minutes at which point you arrive at the dome city. (This is like the main hub/ town where the shops and level selector is.) On arrival you meet a terminator esque soldier who looks badass and then thats it, no more story just mindless shooting.

In the early start you have in terms of instances/levels/dungeons 2 levels with no quest or story to them you just go in shoot lots of random enemies and if you die you respawn and shoot some more. You also had 5 pvp modes that get chosen at random.

In the full thing you get 4 instances, the pvp and "conquest mode" which has a persistent world where players in different "agencies" battle to conquer. So far this mode is not working. On top of that lack of activities there is still no story or direction in sight which is a huge oversight as mmorpgs need a drive to keep you playing.

Overall you get 5 random levels which no story or reason to be playing and a conquest mode that doesn't work. The game just feels unfinished. There are still shops unopened in the city.