Glare (2013) Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Complete Tree World. Green Thumb
    Kill 20 enemies using the environment. Apex Predator
    Kill 5 enemies within 3 seconds. Supernova
    Complete Desert World. Sand Slider
    Complete Pillar World. Cliff Diver
    Kill 20 enemies with reflected bullets Return to Sender
    Complete Ice World. Sherpa
    Collect all four artifacts in Desert World. Excavator
    Stop the Ramora invasion. Solar Savior
    Complete Lava World. Firewalker
    Collect all four artifacts in Tree World. Explorer
    Complete Tree World in under 9:30. Canopy Cruiser
    After starting a new game, complete the entire game without dying or switching levels in the menu. I Want to be the Shiner
    Collect every artifact in the game. Archaeologist
    Collect all four artifacts in Lava World. Geologist
    Complete every world’s time challenge. Tool Asisted
    Complete Toric Caster in under 4:30. Ring Racer
    Collect all four artifacts in Ice World. Prospector
    Complete Lava World in under 13:30. Lava Leaper
    Complete Ice World in under 18:00. Flash Freezer
    Collect all four artifacts in Pillar World. Searcher
    Complete Pillar World in under 12:30. Wind Walker
    Complete Desert World in under 14:00. Desert Dasher

    Contributed by: Guard Master