Giana Sisters DS Cheats For DS

  1. Unlockable Stages

    There are 12 hidden stages in the game. 8 of them appear on the world map automatically, but needs to be unlocked by collecting all red diamonds in a given world. Remaining 4 appear after completing certain objectives.

    Code Effect
    Collect all red diamonds 10th stage in each world
    Beat the game without seeing "Game Over" screen. Stage 9-1
    Beat stage 9-1. Stage 9-2
    In stage 4-3 use a warp block located directly above your starting position. Use bubble gum to get there. Stage X-1
    In stage 6-7 after reaching the first check-point flower continue to the right until you reach a bazooka bee. Bounce of its back to find a warp block. Stage X-2

    Contributed by: ESidu