One of the best movie-tie-in games of all time. And a pretty damn fine sequel to the second Ghostbusters movie.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC
Okay, so maybe it's my generation. As a 33 year old, I always dreamed of sporting a proton pack and fighting ghosts. I'm sort of shocked that the gaming press hasn't embraced this game for what it is......freaking brilliant. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun, the game locales are well realized and, most importantly, the plot and script are actually worthy of a third Ghostbusters movie. I usually get angry when games I purchase are only 7 or 8 hours long. But if this game had been longer, I'd have felt like they were pushing it. Everything about this game smacks of class. The voiceovers (although I do agree that some of Bill Murray's VO work seems a bit lazy), the VERY clever variants on the proton accelerators (though it would have been nice if some of the weapons were more useful....I don't recall using the fourth weapon very often at all), the descriptions of the possessed artifacts are all hilarious and fun. But, most of all, this game ABSOLUTELY captures the feeling and sensibilities of the movies in a way that no other movie-tie in game ever has. In short, this game is brilliant. I probably won't need to play through it again anytime soon, but it was a great and memorable journey. Please Terminal Reality....may I have another?


p.s. can anyone thing of a better movie tie in game than this? I'm racking my brains.....X-Men Origins Wolverine was really fun, and MUCH better than the actual movie, but it wasn't anywhere near the well rounded, well thought out game this was.