This game is an overall enjoyable experience.

User Rating: 6.5 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC
If you grew up in the 80's, you know Ghostbusters. Hell, I knew the Ghostbusters' names before I knew my ABC's! Although that is kind of sad, this game is not. For anyone who remembers Ghostbusters fondly, this game will bring back countless memories. For those of you not familiar with Ghostbusters, you will still certainly enjoy this game.

To boil down the basics, I will start by saying this game is essentially a third-person shooter. You mostly view your nameless Ghostbusters cadet from an over-the-shoulder camera and use a small variety of weapons and tools to capture or destroy ghosts and solve some minor environment puzzles. In fact, if any major complaints can be leveled against this game it is that you actually do very little in the course of this completely linear adventure. Besides very infrequently needing to use your slime-gun, you can actually get through the entire game without too much trouble by just using your proton pack's basic attack. Even the ability to upgrade your weapons and abilities is completely unnecessary due to the overall easy level of difficulty in this game. Although this is not necessarily a criticism, this game definitely feels more tailored toward the younger or at least less experienced gamer category.

Beyond the ghost-busting, what exactly do you do in this game? Well, not much. So it is thankful that this game at least presents a fairly good variety of enemies and environments, especially since you only ever acquire four different weapons with two different firing modes each. Of course, you will likely be so entertained by the solid script and grade-A performances of all the original cast members that you won't even realize how fast the time goes by.

Although I have heard the console versions of the game come equipped with multiplayer modes, I was not able to play online because the PC version does not have any multiplayer support whatsoever. Although something of a let down, I enjoyed the main story enough that I am still glad I bought the game.

After having presented this review, I feel as though I have skewed the game a bit towards the negative. Don't be fooled by mere criticisms though! This game is an overall enjoyable experience that should certainly not be missed by anyone with a passing fondness for Ghostbusters. Even for the rest of you, this game will not disappoint if you are looking for an enjoyable, lighthearted game that sticks to the basics and stays entertaining throughout.