While the story is fun, the gameplay is often frustrating.

User Rating: 7.5 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC
Ghostbusters captures the spirit of the movies very well. While I didn't find things as hilarious as some reviewers, seeing all the cutscenes, hearing all the voice work and picking out all the callbacks to the movies was great fun. The problems are the gameplay itself, as to pad out the time it takes to complete things... the developers seemingly replaced legitimate challenge with frustration. I'd suggest playing on the easy difficulty level. Not because the default is exactly harder, it just takes more time... which leads to more frustrating knockdowns out of the clear blue... which leads to you wanting to uninstall the game. I made it probably about half way through the game before I put it on the shelf. A few months later I picked it back up and started over on easy mode... Because by that point the gameplay had lost most of it's appeal and I just wanted to see the story to it's completion. I'm really not trying to totally slag the game, the proton pack is great fun... most of the environments and ghosts are beautiful to look at... and you really do feel like you're in a Ghostbusters movie... burning holes in walls as you try to hit the ghosts and get them over the traps. The problem is that you'll spend more time on your back after a knockdown or playing nursemaid to the other guys as you will busting ghosts. Combine this with controls that are a little on the clunky side and the gameplay experience got tedious for me pretty quickly. It's not unforgivable, but I felt that the gameplay just got in the way of the overall experience.

I'd still easily recommend this for fans of the movies... as it really is made for them. It gets a perfect 10 for presentation and story, but only a 5 for gameplay... we'll meet in the middle with a 7.5 overall.