Thank you Codemasters, for this masterpiece called Dirt 3.

First of all this game is awesome! I mean Codemasters know how to be creative with a racing game sequel. The in-game menu reminds me the first game of the series since it's called Dirt (former Colin McRae Rally), pretty clean and easy to navigate through.

Gameplay:Plays like the other games of the series, with his flashback button it became easier for the beginners. The game's pattern is pretty similar to Dirt the original, the evolution of the game is more linear than the predecessor that you were able to race on differents parts of the world, it makes your game's career more progressive.

Graphics: Nothing special here since Dirt 2, pretty decent graphics for a racing game. A really cool aspect is the rainy / snowy condition, it looks realistic.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer modes are pretty fun to plays with local friends or online.

Buy or Rent: Without a doubt if you're a race fan you must purchase this game.

Sequel?: The door is open to a possible sequel but my only hope would be to stop that series before it turns like the Tony Hawks ones.