Social games on NOS

Yo check this game out, it helps redefine social games. It's no longer check out my new chicken/turkey cross breed.

Who you going to call when zombies attack? Just call your defenders and kill them in countless ways and through several maps! When in doubt pull out that chainsaw and BRrRrR all day.

Real games, with real quality should be the new motto for social games.

Gloat to your friends if you want, but the core of the game is just beating up some undead brain eaters. Set up some defenders and let them do their work. Upgrade them to make them look cooler and do more work. Give a biker that level 3 and you get DAT PIPE! Give a trooper level 3 and you get not just one but TWO gatz.

This game is too under-rated, Farmville's got nothing when zombies come and invade your farm.

Put them fools on blast.

Finally a tower defense that I can get behind. Just wish it wasn't on Facebook.

They should make a phone version of this too.