Gekido Advance: Kintaro's Revenge Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Chapter Passwords (UK Version)

    Chapter One - The Deathtoll Rises : Press Start Game d'oh!
    Chapter Two - The Three Seals : MIMMO
    Chapter Three - The Ancient Book : HURRY
    Chapter Four - Searching For Koji : FLASH
    Chapter Five - The Final Battle : QUEEN

    Contributed by: r0mz2k 

  2. Chapter Passwords (for Chapter 4 and 5)

    Chapter 4 with all Credits (8):

    Chapter 5 with all Credits (9):

    Contributed by: strid3r 

  3. Unlimited energy

    For unlimited energy you have to insert CRAZY in the password menu. You will get back to the title screen after that.

    Contributed by: strid3r 

  4. Unlimited Speed

    Enter the password screen and type in ''STARS''. Tetsuo will now have Perma-speed

    Contributed by: elitek02 

  5. Unlimited Energy (U.S. version)

    Select Password from the title screen. When the password screen comes up, type in a code to either return to a stage or to generate an effect.

    [Note: This code is for the U.S. version of the game and was found by another person. I take no credit for this, but it should be entered into Gamefaqs.]

    Code Effect
    PIZZA You will return to the title screen. Start a new game and you will have unlimited energy

    Contributed by: Webapprentice 

  6. Chapters 2~5 Passwords

    These passwords work for the NA version of the game.

    Code Effect
    SACCO Password for Chapter 2
    TAPPO Password for Chapter 3
    TEMPO Password for Chapter 4
    BECCO Password for Chapter 5

    Contributed by: ultron 

  7. End of Game password

    This password is for the last level

    Code Effect
    notte end of game

    Contributed by: aarondarkk 

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