GOW has briliant graphics and defines the words next-gen it is revolutionary and will change the shooter genre forever!

User Rating: 9.4 | Gears of War X360
This game is a work of genius, the graphics are perfect down to the very last detail and they get even better in HD. The story is brilliantly thought up and very clever. The story is a kind of Hollywood blockbuster story, honor lost and rewon, not very lovable generals, friends lost, and battlefield bonding, kind of thing. and has a proper cliffhanger ending. but it doesnt just stop at the story mode the multi-player and online multi-player is absolutely genius! it is so fun it will leave yu sitting on your couch for hours gazing at the TV wanting more... there is one slight flaw in this game though, the driving section of the storyline, this part was terrible it is slow and you have to switch between gunner and driver (the gunner is a beam of light to ward off krill) it is slow and dissapointing, but it is a very small part of the game tiny compared to the rest.
And overall GOW is one of the best next-gen games seen yet it will be very hard to match and sets a flag at the peak of next gen gaming, buy it it is well worth it!!!