This game is good but it lacked diversity in its different platforms with no real changes in the places.

This game has so much potential but again Mario hasn't gone the whole way in the whole game. It starts off with Mario and Peach going on holidays to a remote island. While flying there they see that it is catastrophic there and everyone is blaming Mario for it because the thing doing it is a red looking version of Mario. On this island, the place is famous because of these shines which are really just stars. The red Mario is sending goo everywhere which has sent the shines away. So mario is equipped with a water shotterand is forsed to get back all the shines. The game never seems to end. There are different places to go to other than the island and that is where all the creatures are and is where you do the challenges. You have to go through these levels too many times. I stopped playing the game when i was redoing these levels al for a 5th time and next to nothing had changed each time in the level. The game is the first game where you here a character say more than mama mia or grunting. Peach's voice is horribly done making here sound nothing like she should. The besat part of the game is looking at the ea. The water was done magnificantly. This game though is not really worth buying because it just drags on and, as a friend has shown me at the end, just shows the town becoming back to normal and Mario looking pretty happy with himself. Its not worth the effort really.