I Think we got a HALO Killer

User Rating: 9.7 | Gears of War X360
Graphics : Graphics are awesome , unreal engine 3 was used to perfection in this game , form blur , lighting , details , is amazing , the 512 of ram was well worth it , a bit of jaggies in places that you dont actually have the need to look but still awesome. i wish every developer would put half of their programming skills on art.

Sound : Nice soundtrack , very deep , goes with the game and no other. i can see they put a lot of work in it. Voice acting is not that good , they needed to work a bit in that area.

Gameplay : The stop and pop gets a little repetitive , but the chainsaw helps to counter that , on casual is too damn easy , but Hardcore you will beg for mercy , animations are so nicely done. movements oh god.

Multiplayer : Is that great , i can say that this will keep me busy until HALO 3 , plus new maps and gameplay , this game is going far , i bet many gamers will still be playing it on XBox720 just like HALO 2 is still being played on XBox360.

Co-Op : Like the option that you can just pop in the game , search your friend list and join a co-op without stopping the other player's game , so smooth and very next gen.