After this wait, it was very dissapointing.

User Rating: 8.7 | Gears of War X360
The Gameplay of Gears of War isn't what I expected. The first couple hours were fun, but it got very repetative after a while. The story is basic as a shooter. You kill the aliens to win the game. Nothing original. The part about hiding and shooting is clever, but you have to do that a lot. Also the chainsaws make the game more fun.

For the multiplayer, it's also not what I expected. The first reason is that you can only have a game up to 8 players. The second reason is that you only have 4 game modes as of right now. Other than those reasons it's pretty good. It's great with friends and the matches go quickly.

For the graphics and sound, they are excellent. The game's background looks real. The characters have a lot of detail. the sound is flawless. The only thing I didn't like is that I didn't like the black and white theme.

Overall, this game is pretty fun for a while, but after the wait, it was very dissapointing.

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