The Xbox 360's gem of a game.

User Rating: 9.7 | Gears of War X360
If your reading this review, that must mean you either need some advice on whether or not to buy Gears of War or your just reading it for fun. Im gonna go with the first guess. Gears of War is all about a war between the humans and mutant monster thingies called Locusts. Your mission is to destroy them.

So you may think Gears of War is your average shooter. Well...your wrong! It may be a shooter but it takes the genre to a whole new level. First off, your in third person view. Which is probably better then first person for this game. There is a whole "cover" thing to the game. You MUST get cover to survive. Whether you hide behind a wall or duck behind a block. It is all done by pressing the A button near the object you wanna hide behind. And while you are safely tucked behind the wall you can shoot from there. Either blind fire or aim and shoot. But be dont want to get your head shot off by a sniper do you? One more thing...well two more things you could do with the A button is dive and a "roadie run". The roadie run is done by holding down the A button. From there you can do a faster run then normal, but it is a bit harder to control. So now let me talk about some of the amazing weapons. First off you got the Lancer, Shotgun, Grenades, and Pistol. These are the four weapons you start off with in multiplayer so I'm gonna go over them first. The Lancer has to be the coolest weapon in the game. It's a machine gun!! Haha. Thats not all though. It's melee attack is...a kick ass chainsaw!! You can cut your enemy up with it when done right. But be careful, if it's revved up and some one shoots you, the chainsaw will lower and leave you wide open for an attack. The next weapon is the Shotgun. It's your every day basic shotgun but when you shoot someone up close and personal with it...they get blown to, literally. A great thing with the shotgun is to melee once and shoot right after. Easy kill if it works. The Pistol is probably the worst weapon. It shoots like a normal pistol would and it's only good side is that if you melee with it, it only takes two melees to knock someone down. OH! I didnt talk about Downs yet. I will get to that later. Grenades come in frag or smoke. Smokes makes smoke and frags goes boom. You can tag with both of them but the frag gets the greater, ahemm, explosive outcome out of the two. The smoke just...makes smoke come out of the other person's ass. The Longshot is the games sniper. Great weapon especially when you get a headshot. The Hammer of Dawn is a gun that sends a death beam of intense heat out of the sky to scorch anyone it hits. But it only works outdoors. The final weapon I will talk about is the Torque Bow. Its a bow and arrow...with explosive arrows. Need I say more?

When you hit someone with enough dameage they could fall down. Downs are when you knock someone to their knees. You can do a variety of things to them. You could kill them with whatever weapon you want. Or you can curb stomp them (stomping on their head). But be careful. Teamates can revive them, or in the case of Execution mode, they can get up themselves.

Alright. FInally for multiplayer. The reason this game is so great. There are four modes: Warzone, Execution, Assassination, and Annex. Warzone is your basic deathmatch mode. Kill the other team and whichever team dies first loses. Execution is the same but when you get knocked down you can tap A to get back up. In Assassination, one player on each team is designated as the target and if that person dies, the other team wins. Annex is basically capture the flag. Capture a circle by a weapon and whoever has the most time captured wins. There are plenty of maps in this game to keep you busy. Along with achievements.

Ok. So my review is over! All I have to say is that this game is so much fun! And it could possibly be the reason to buy an Xbox 360.