Will gamers get to keep what they paid for this time?

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This was Epics 3rd try with Gears of War mulitplayer.  After a Beta and much testing, Gears 3 out the box was amazing. And then out of nowhere months after release, Epic began tampering with the weapons of the game.   It felt like I had a brand new Red Chevy Camaro and some one came and painted it green with white poke a dots!  Will Judgement get the same treatment? I don't know about you but this time it will be a rental. 

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my only problem is i can never find a game on gow.. i always end up in a bot match by myself.

happens in every gow game but every other game i find a match straight away

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I feel like the new Gears will probably try to revamp the multiplayer again. The probelm with that? By the time Epic has an idea of what they want to change, its time for the game to be released. In turn, update time comes and they want to "test run" more ideas in an already finished game. So, yeah, I think that we will see some schitso multiplayer in Judgement as well. Epic is like a gut feeling to a question. Always stick to your first one. However, I think the game will rock the series once again both visually and mechanically.

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You never know! Either way.. I'm getting it to have a complete collection. By far this is my favorite series. Although Gears 2 was disappointing..

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I thought they all kicked ass and I never bothered with the mp, I was only interested in the story which is done amazingly well. I did the try the mp in the games the first one wasn't half bad but after a while got really boring the movement is too restricting for my taste and somewhat clunky for fast pace action shooter.