Trading pre-paid codes

#1 Posted by Sean422 (2 posts) -
I have a code for anya and a code for young dom, anyone wanting to trade?
#2 Posted by USFBulls07 (2 posts) -
I have a Jungle Tai and Cobweb skin for trade. Interested?
#3 Posted by jonathanhawver (9 posts) -

looking for a young dom code. gotta gears1 DL code and a paintball weapon skin code. PM me on xbox if intrested GT: Duffology

#4 Posted by UnjustDiabIo (5 posts) -
I have a Tai and two GoW1 codes. Interested?
#5 Posted by Creeper_BOOM (11 posts) -
I have alex and Brisk. Pm me?
#6 Posted by Creeper_BOOM (11 posts) -
I have alex and Brisk. Pm me?
#7 Posted by epicgame12324 (1 posts) -
I have 7 tai codes looking for marcus, classic hammerburst Anya, dom or brisk codes if interested email me at my gamertag is Epic gamer65 message
#8 Posted by totrill4you (2 posts) -
i have 1 cobweb skin for gears of war judgment. will trade for anything. if you scam me i will hack you(; no bull shit
#9 Posted by totrill4you (2 posts) -
wanna trade any of those for a cobweb skin?
#10 Posted by Creeper_BOOM (11 posts) -
I have team metal and marcus and big game.
#11 Posted by pichanga707 (1 posts) -
looking for anya or dom i got lambent weapon skin and classic hammy codes
#12 Posted by Frankiesoap (2 posts) -
I got emergence era Marcus will trade for alex brand.
#13 Posted by Fragouts (2 posts) -
I got Dom. trade you for Alex or Anya. GT: Incens
#14 Posted by Fragouts (2 posts) -
I have Young Dom. Will trade for Alex/Anya GT: Incens
#15 Posted by YoungDom10 (1 posts) -
I have 1600msp and a Alex brand code looking for young message me on Xbox live GT Ninja Razr