team player for horde and beast leaderboards. daytime availability. female

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i could (and do!) spend hours playing horde and beast, but usually with just randoms. some success on the leaderboards, would like to climb a little higher. female gamer and only on xbox short time, so my skills are below average, but i try to support the better players as much as possible. i have daytime availability. reply with your gamertag if you have the patience. i like to laugh, but no inappropriate comments etc. i'm a team player, nothing bothers me, i just want the team to score well. thanks
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Yeah i just made a gamespot account looking to find people to play with. add me, Vishiouz is my gamertag.
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Me and my buddy will be on tonight and are looking for people to play a horde game all the way through at least once. We will be on around 9 easteren. mics would be prefered


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Add me, ChR0niclez88 , really need to change my gamertag name but thats my name for now. Im really good at gears, most of the time anyway and I have a secret I could tell you about how to gain a small edge over everyone else :P

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need daytime mostly; but thanks for replying
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yes well actually im getting into horde lately my gamertag is ps2fatboy add me if u like and we can game on like a boss lol
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Add me if u want. I lost all my acchievements and unlocked characters cause of windows live BS. Need the savage theron on beast mode if any1 wants to help an be more than happy to play horde with u all too. My GT is: o Ratflesh o

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I cannot promise that I won't make innapropriate comments. GT Kieduss

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add me

GT: wasteof800pnts

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gamertag primemegatron22

I need the unlock character for 50 waves of horde on Insane difficulty.

Also need about 5 more chapters completed in 4 player co-op in order to unlock friendly fire.