Misfit Actual Recruiting

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Do you want consistency? A large, active group of players who have played together for years and will continue to be playing together for many console generations to come? Do you want strong leadership that has been forged from years of experience at the highest levels of gaming?

Then I want to invite you to join Misfit Actual - or MxA. We are a gaming community that spans over several games, Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier to name a few - and we'd love to have you aboard to get our GameBattles, FragNation, etc. groups going again.

Home to what was formerly one of the best if not the best squads in Gears - Sigma One, we are in a rebuilding phase for the Gears Division and if you'd like to be part of the rebirth of Misfit Actual and our ascendance back to the top of the leaderboards, please sign up at:


Please remember to use Spiritwolf99 as your reference, and we can get you rolling quickly.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for reading.